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President Lee’s 100th day after inauguration, providing a blueprint for ‘mature Chonbuk National University (CBNU)’ 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/04/07 11:09:40

President Lee has announced on 23rd of March as his 100th day of inauguration that he will construct 100 smart lecture rooms and Dule-trail of Geonji Mountain.

He held a gathering for accompanying reporters and stated that he will make a huge effort for the ‘1 smart lecture room for every department campaign’ and try to build up the masterpiece campus with Dule-trail.

Particularly, President Lee, this day, walked Dule-trail of Geonji Mountain along with reporters and discussed with them about how to maximize the natural landscape resources surrounding the CBNU as well as how to utilize Deokjin Park and Choi Myeong Hee Literary Museum.


Moreover, he suggested the plan to secure College of Pharmacy and development strategies for coming years.


▲ Raising fund of 10 billion won to construct 100 smart lecture rooms


 Smart lecture room will go beyond the concept of existing cutting edge lecture room with IT system, however, it will allow the two-way communication between professors and students, multimedia system, recording system, environment for tablet PC and high-tech equipment inside the lecture room with having fresh environmental friendly atmosphere.  


The cost of constructing each smart lecture room is expected to be around 100 million won. President Lee is planning to raise fund from alumni and many outstanding companies for the total amount of 10 billion won for 100 smart lecture rooms.


Every single donator’s table, chair or even the whole lecture room will be inscribed with their name so that every part of smart lecture room will have some stories of donators, which will likely to encourage the education for training talented individuals.


The first smart lecture room has opened its door in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with total budget of 90 million won, most contribution from the alumni Byungmo, Lee with 30 million won. He has donated his money for existing and prospective students’ better quality of education.  


On this day of opening ceremony, CBNU has directly invited alumni Byungmo, Lee and had meaningful events such as attaching the signboard which was named after his farm.


President Lee said that smart lecture room can not only contribute to having a brand new model for university’s contribution culture but also let students recognize about the true meaning of donation.

▲ Constructing the most Korean-like masterpiece campus being in harmony with local area.


President Lee revealed that he will construct the most pedestrian-friendly Dule-trail for campus as well as utilizing natural resources of Deokjin Park and Geonji Mountain with the total space of 4.5 million pyeong.


By doing so, it will allow CBNU to make its own new brand and realize a campus that keeps in tune with the local people.


First of all, CBNU will exploit the experiment forest of Geonji Mountain by hosting forest film festival and creating forest lecture room, forest kindergarten, forest library and forest personalized cure center, all of which will be freely available for any local people.


CBNU will take any donations for this construction of Dule-trail so that every part of Dule-trail will have various stories from various donators.


Moreover, CBNU will form an affiliation with the most Korean-like city and therefore, creating a most Korean-like campus which will highlight the various Korean features of CBNU.


CBNU will build up Hanok Chonbuk National University Cultural Center near Deokjin Park with having up to second floor and the second basement level. CBNU is planning to remodel the main entrance door to traditional Korean-style as well which will have lots of advertisement effects. In fact, CBNU has entered into an agreement with Jeonjusi to develop local co-existing businesses and hence it is expected to boost the Dule-trail and Korean-style campus construction.


With regard to securing College of Pharmacy, CBNU has constituted the promotion team for securing College of Pharmacy with the leader of Executive Vice-President for International Cooperation. They are suggesting and persuading with many different ways to the Ministry of Education and National Assembly.


President Lee declared that as CBNU has well-interrelated base between departments such as the Department of Dental Medicine, Veterinary Science and Natural Science for the development of new medicine in which current government is highly interested, establishment of College of Pharmacy will bring a great synergy effect to CBNU.



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