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President Lee, "Strengthening Constant Communication with eyes exchanged" 

HQIOF (HQIOF) 2015/03/30 10:56:37
President Lee, "Strengthening Constant Communication with eyes exchanged"


President Lee Nam Ho who has been showing a special interest started to move forward by making a website online only for communication and publishing email newsletter in commemoration of his first 100 days.

President Lee launched a ‘Communication and Welfare Team’ for continuous communication channels with his inauguration and has been making a great effort so as to make everyone come up with different suggestions on website online and keep them informed of various ideas from the headquarters through communication email newsletter.

The website(http:www.sb.jbnu.ac.kr) newly opened to be dedicated to communication in commemoration of his first 100 days on March 23 is composed of a section for suggestions on ideas about communication and welfare, a room for applying for a meeting with the president in person and a section for various events related to communication and welfare for everyone.

Especially, ‘Saturday Sympathy’ section draws attention, which was newly made on a communication website in order to let any member of CBNU apply for a meeting with the president in person every other Saturday. It provides a forum for conversation with the president in person every other Saturday once anyone applies for a meeting to suggest ideas or talk about daily small stories.

Also, President Lee made a great appeal to every member of CBNU by providing section designed for him to hear open-mindedly wishes or suggestions in the form of SNS(Social Network Services) from March 12, 2015 through March 16, 2015 so as to share vision of the university and concentrate the whole competence with his first 100 days ahead.

In addition, President Lee published email newsletter focusing on communication and sent the first issue of it on his 100th day on March 23, 2015 and he’s planning to include various stories about communication and welfare once a month.    

Besides, President Lee also made an effort to apply different thoughts of members to real business of the university by holding an idea contest recently to vitalize communication and welfare.

CBNU awarded 10 grand and excellence prizes on this idea contest and it is looking for a way to apply these ideas to the business of the university for communication and welfare.

President Lee said that intimate communication is a precondition to the development of the university which aims for maturity moving beyond growth and the headquarters will make an effort to contribute to the mature development of CBNU by the headquarters’ listening humbly to the voice and increasing time to have face-to-face communication with eyes exchanged and considering measure to improve and carry forward policy regarding suggestions from the members of CBNU.



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