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The luxury brand Chonbuk National University, “Strength through Growth, Prosperity through Progress” 

hqiof (hqiof) 2015/01/15 20:50:37

Let us make Chonbuk National University a luxury brand and open new era “Maturity moving beyond growth”.

Our university held an opening ceremony and more than 500 academic staff including deans, distinguished professors and the president Lee, Nam-Ho were invited to Gain Hall on January 2, 2015.

During this ceremony, Kim Young-Rye (office of academic affairs), Lee Sang-Man (office of facility management), Oh Mi-Yeon (office of finance), Park Hyung-Guk (office of educational affairs) and Kim Do-Hyun (office of facility management) were awarded Prime Minister’s citation and Cho Hong-Sik was awarded the prize from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.  

After the ceremony, all the members had dinner together while greetings each other. 

President Lee said that last year, our university have shown the most remarkable achievement on the evaluation of the project ‘University for Creative Korea’, consolidating the greatest position among all Korean national universities. He said that our university accomplished this much with all members’ contribution.

 He continued by declaring his future vision as ‘achieving the maturity stage moving beyond growth’. He explained that Growth is often stagnant while Maturity is limitless, and Growth is a status of quick change while Maturity is a status of appropriate change. He added that Maturity is the stage which concentrates on the value and brand not the number and external index.     

“However, we should keep in mind that maturity is not totally different stage from Growth and yet it is a different type of growth. Rather than always saying ‘No’, I would like all the members to work with a positive attitude for the development of the university”, the president said.

Finally President Lee stated that he would always listen courteously to other members and do his best to enlarge financial capacity, becoming an ‘Active President’. He asked all the members a favor to make the best effort to improve the university once again in 2015. 



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