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Newly elected president Lee Nam-Ho opens a new era of maturity in our history. 

hqiof (hqiof) 2015/01/02 15:07:16

 “Let us open a new era of maturity by making efforts together”

The 17th president Lee Nam-Ho, has been elected on the 14th of December last year and had inauguration ceremony at Gain Hall on 29th of December at 5pm.  

Professor Kim Young, chairman of alumni association, pre-presidential members, academic staffs and many students have participated the event and congratulate the inauguration of the new president at this ceremony.

During the ceremony, president’s curriculum vitae and congratulating videos from heads of external major organization was introduced.

President Lee Nam-Ho announced that he feels burdened as many universities nowadays are having reduction in the number of students and experiencing financial pressure. However, as crisis can turn into a chance, he argued that he will make Chonbuk National University the creative and luxury global academic brand.

Moreover, he claimed that he will introduce ‘residential college’ and ‘open campus’ system and secure research resources, summing up to approximately 700 billion won over four years. He also said that he will certainly establish the college of pharmacy and hence strengthening the status of the university.

President Lee has a plan of utilizing abundant artistic, cultural and historical resources which are abundant inside the region to make Chonbuk National University a masterpiece brand as well.

As the region, Jeonju, is famous for various intangible cultural heritages and archival cultures and hence, having substantial artistic and cultural resources, President Lee will build up creative campus road by using this resources such as Geonju Mountain and Deokjin Park and share it with local residents, leading to development of local community.

Also president Lee stated that he will always listen courteously to other members and do his best to enlarge financial capacity and finally make the university that all students can be proud of. He will greatly appreciate for Jeonbuk peoples’ continuing interest and support for Chonbuk National University.      



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