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Chonbuk National University (CBNU) has ranked 1st for ACE project after ranking 1st in CK project 

HQiof (HQiof) 2014/11/24 16:58:53

After ranking 1st in CK project receiving the most support fund among all Korean universities, CBNU has now again ranked 1st in evaluation of ‘Advanced College of Education’ project (ACE project).

Korean Council for University Education assessed universities selected for ACE project in 2011 and CBNU was the university with the greatest evaluation results.

These results were derived by Korean Council for University Education’s on site assessment conducted on last April and CBNU, in particular, was favorably reviewed with having the strongest core programs such as ‘dividing pupils into different classes according to their levels’, ‘having four-semester course’, and ‘basic standards certification system’, which will lead to an high-quality basic education process.

CBNU, hereby, has received the most project fund again in fourth-year with total amount of 2.48 billion won

Not only in ACE project but also in Education Competency Empowerment project, CBNU was selected as having the best education programs and considered ‘Best of the best university’ by the Ministry of Education and Korean Council for University Education.

By doing so, CBNU has taken a better opportunity to enhance internal stability of education for students by focusing on basic education.

President Suh, Geo-Suk has announced that he is proud that CBNU’s education program which enhances student’s basic competency is receiving credit for its creativity and superiority of the program. He also said that he will do his best to help students enhance their basic competency and find major with great internal stability, which will lead to stronger employment competitiveness.    



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