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Chonbuk National University (CBNU) has ranked 1st for the project ‘University for Creative Korea’ 

HQiof (HQiof) 2014/11/06 17:00:31

CBNU is receiving the most support fund among all Korean universities for ‘University for Creative Korea’ project (CK project) organized by the Ministry of Education. CBNU will be funded with total amount of 35 billion won for 5 years (7 billion won per year), which will boost the project rapidly.

According to the result of CK project announced by the Ministry of Education on 30th of June, CBNU will receive the total amount of 7 billion national funds for 6 business groups including ‘cultivating creative and competent people for international development & cooperation’, ‘cultivating creative and competent people for building cheerful local community’, ‘researches for basic science for local community and constructing herb system’, ‘cultivating competent people for new Korean wave’, ‘cultivating competent people for IT convergence system’, ‘specializing fusion energy for next generation’.

This project is to improve the structure of the university as well as to specialize each university’s strengths. This project will be funded with more than 1.2 trillion won with 203.1 billion won for local universities and 54.6 billion won for central universities.

CBNU has secured the most support fund based on decent education and researches as well as great international competitiveness. As a result, CBNU is expected to expand even more on its project for specializing university.

The business group “cultivating creative and competent people for international development & cooperation”, has insisted that training for promoting talented and creative people for international development & cooperation will begin in earnest with the help of department of International Studies, Economics and Political Science and Diplomacy.

The group ‘cultivating competent people for new Korean wave’ will work with 8 departments including Department of Library and Information Science, French, Architectural Engineering, Software Engineering, Statistics, Industrial Design and Korean Music. The group will cultivate talented people on new Korean wave area through developing and discovering new Korean culture contents with them, which will go beyond the existing Korean culture such as traditional culture & cultural arts and popular culture. Particularly, the group will make a huge effort on educating and guiding students how to get a job and to establish start-ups by developing existing education programs from LINC and BK21 Plus project.

With regard to the group ‘cultivating competent people for IT convergence system’, 4 departments consist of department of Mechanical Design Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology & Engineering and Electronic Engineering play a key role in cultivating creative and talented people in IT convergence system by conducting multidisciplinary convergence education program and on site intensive education.

In terms of the group ‘specializing fusion energy for next generation’, department of New Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Semiconductor Science Technology, Macromolecule and Nano Engineering, Organic Material Fibre Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy and Resources Engineering and Electrical Engineering will participate and also Chonnam National University will participate as consortium to cultivate core personnel in the area of fusion energy.

For the group ‘cultivating creative and competent people for building cheerful local community’, department of Social Welfare, Sociology, Psychology, Children Education will take part in promoting local community experts in order to construct cheerful local community.

Lastly, the group ‘researches for basic science for local community and constructing herb system’ will work with department of Physics, Bioscience and Molecular Biology to promote education and researches of natural science in Jeonbuk province area and to become an herb institution responsible for culture promotion.

President Suh, Geo-Suk has said that as CBNU receives the most support fund from CK project which is funded with more than 1 trillion won over 5 years, it is certain that more desirable programs will be implemented on specializing academic field and improving student’s employment rate. He has also announced that specialization is the most important feature that the university should take care of and hence, he will proceed with the project with the greatest care, leading to improvements of university’s competitiveness.



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