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At last, ‘the heart of CBNU’ begins pounding. 

HQiof (HQiof) 2014/11/06 16:58:05

CBNU’s Central Library, the largest library in Korea equipped with state-of-the-art facility, is finally open.

With University President Suh Geo-Suk, Vice-President Jung Hang-Geun, President of Alumni Kim Young, Chairman of Korean Library Association Kim Ki-Hyuk, and Ji Seung-Ryong in attendance, the opening ceremony was held on June 19th 2014 at the Central Library.

With total investment of $34 million, the library is five- story high, and has 2,100 seats, 2 floors of reference rooms, 26 multimedia study rooms, and an auditorium.

The nation’s first Ubiquitous Mobile Management System provides easy access to the library allowing students to rent books and reserve a study room simply with a smartphone.

Its large public study area and multimedia rooms create a vibrant environment for students to enjoy unique culture whilst interacting with each other academically within the CBNU Campus.

Since its opening, the number of students using the library daily has increased 7 times.

The Hall of Fame ceremony, celebrating the fund contributors by engraving their names on a plate, was together held with the opening ceremony.

In order to recognize contributions of benefactors, the Certificate of Merit was awarded to Hong Gu-Pyo, the director of Central Library IT Support, Lee Sang-Man, the manager of Central Library It Support, and Oh Se-Chul, a staff of Central Library.

President Suh Geo-Suk said, “The Central Library will be the future of smart library supporting students’ academic research at global scale. Not only will it serve as a library in a traditional sense, but, with its cutting-edge technology matches to the era of e-book, it will also surely lead our university to top 100 World University.”     



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