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Ranked ‘No.1 among national universities‘ (Excl. Level of Reputation) by Joongang Ilbo 

hqiof (hqiof) 2014/04/29 17:25:36
Ranked ‘No.1 among national universities‘ (Excl. Level of Reputation) by Joongang Ilbo

  According to 2013 Joongang Ilbo Daily University Evaluation, Chonbuk National University is the only university that has been increasing its ranking for six consecutive years. Excluding the reputation level, which is based on a survey, the university is ranked No.1 among national universities and No.12 in the nation.

  This evaluation put together 3 categories, educational condition (90 points), research (100 points) and internationalization (50 points), and the university has received 139.95 points. It was the highest among national universities.

  The second best score was 131.02 points by Busan National University (No.18), and the score is 8 points lower than CBNU. The following universities are Kyungbuk National University (129.19 points, No.19) and Chunnam National University (119.73 points, No.27). These prove that CBNU is the top university in the 3 categories

  Once the reputation level, which takes the past reputation, economical condition of a region and population, into consideration, CBNU ranked No.2 after Busan National University with point difference of 3.6. CBNU’s national ranking is No.19.

  The reason for this change is due to Jeonbuk’s smaller population and weaker economy in comparison with other regions. In the reputation level, CBNU received 23.69 points out of 60, whereas Busan National University 35.32 points and Kyungbuk National University 34.35 points which are more than 10 points higher than CBNU. Both POSTECH (NO.1) and KAIST (NO.2) also received lower reputation score due to its regional disadvantage.        

  Nonetheless CBNU ranked NO.5 in educational condition and NO.6 in the number of thesis papers per faculty in liberal arts, social science and physical education. Joongang Ilbo evaluation team also appraises that CBNU is the most steadily developing university. 

  Joongang ilbo said, “one thing that is shared by universities in ranking is their presidents’ leadership, relentless innovation and utmost investment.” Ever since president Suh, Geo-suk’s inauguration in 2006, CBNU entered top 10 with its innovation and 6 years of consecutive ranking climb.

President Suh said, “Excluding the reputation level, which is quite subjective, CBNU is the top university among national universities. CBNU will stronghold its place as the best teaching university by enhancing its research competency.”



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