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Professor Eun Jong Pil's Team Proposes an Effective Method of Diagnosing Disc Herniation 

국제교류부 (hqiof) 2012/07/17 15:06:03
Professor Eun Jong Pil's Team Proposes an Effective Method of Diagnosing Disc Herniation


The team led by Professor Eun Jong Pil of the Medical School has published their research in the April edition of the most prestigious journal in the field of spine surgery, the ‘Journal of Spinal Disorders and Technique’. The research proposes an effective method of diagnosing ‘lumbar trasmuscular far lateral discectomy’, which is known to be difficult to diagnose. Until now, in order to confirm transmuscular far lateral discectomy, a contrast medium was artificially injected into the disc and a CAT scan was conducted. But Professor Eun’s research proposes a new concept of diagnosis that forgoes such complex examinations and is able to confirm it with a high-resolution 3-T MRI scan.

For this research, Professor Eun’s team conducted 3-T MRI scans without the injection of a contrast medium to gain images from a special spinal cord myelogram. This was conducted on 30 patients that were suspected of having transmuscular far lateral discectomy from clinical signs and conventional MRI scans. After all 30 patients were operated on, the results showed that the pre-operation diagnoses were all accurate, and all of the patients showed satisfactory recovery. The research team revealed that with this new method of diagnosis, clearer images of soft tissues, such as the nervous system or discs, can be gained, and the severity of symptoms can accurately be predicted according to the level of nerve knot invasion by the herniated disc.



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