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Chonbuk National University supports LED Plant Factory in Vietnam 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/11/13 11:08:05
Chonbuk National University supports LED Plant Factory in Vietnam



Chonbuk National University, the home of Korea’s largest LED plant factory, is supporting the construction of a LED plant factory at the University of Da Lat, Vietnam.   


In this factory, vegetation such as strawberries-difficult to grow in Vietnamese weather- will be planted, also research on flower breeding improvement will be carried out.  


For this matter, Hong Chang-Hee, the chief of the LED Agricultural Life Fusion Technology Research Center, visited the University of Da Lat and signed a contract.


Chonbuk National University, with help from the LED Plant Factory Company will support the University of Da Lat at building the factory and planting a highly resilient plant, strawberries.


Also our university is planning to grow and import flowers such as lilies which are difficult to harvest nationally in Korea.


Through this project, the two institutes are planning to overcome agricultural and floral difficulties by making the products more resilient to their national environmental factors.


They also signed for an exchange of students, research staff and research results as well.


Chief said, “The university of Da Lat region in Vietnam is the perfect place to harvest various kinds of vegetation. This partnership will further enhance our abilities to harvest by growing plants which are normally difficult to grow in the regions. This will lead to an increase of the research capacity of the agricultural field.”







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