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International Summer School 2013 - A Very Memorable Time 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/08/01 13:44:36
International Summer School 2013 - A Very Memorable Time


“I had a very memorable time taking a class and going to practice traditional Korean culture at the Hanok village. I hope to study with my Korean friends at Chonbuk National University (CBNU) again” –Brianna Leigh Yates, Boise State University.


At 5pm on 19th July at Gain Hall, 100 international students along with their Korean buddies had a farewell ceremony for the conclusion of this year’s International Summer School, which had started on July 1st.


 Having come from different backgrounds, they became one under the name of ‘friend’ while having lectures and participating in traditional cultural programs at CBNU.


 At the farewell ceremony, a certificate was conferred on students by Vice president Jeong Hang-Geun, and representative students presented their farewell speeches.


 Also, students presented a K-pop performance, showing their new insight into Korean culture and received big applauses from the audience.


“I offer those who completed the program my congratulations on their success. I hope the memory of this summer at CBNU is enshrined in your heart” and “CBNU will try to broaden such opportunities for students so that they can experience the world within the campus by strengthening the ISS program”, Executive Vice president Jeong Hang-Geun said.


“I came here because my friends who had previously participated the ISS program recommended it to me, and the last three weeks were unforgettable” and “I am thankful for CBNU and Korean buddies for helping me during the not-too-long, not-too-short period. Also, I look forward to returning next year”, Matthieu Andre Lefebvre (France, University of Marne-La-Vallee) said. 


The International Summer School is the program that invited students abroad from partner institutions and enabled them to take courses and earn credits while experiencing traditional Korean culture. This year, 52 international students and 48 Korean students participated, coming from Boise State University, the United States, the University of Central Lancashire, UK, and the University of Barcelona, Spain, the University of Marne-La-Vallee, France, Leiden University, The Netherlands, and Tohoku University, Japan.



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