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Suh Geo-Suk Was Inaugurated as the 19th Chairman of KCUE 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/05/31 10:32:19
Suh Geo-Suk Was Inaugurated as the 19th Chairman of KCUE


"I will strengthen the ability to present a desirable policy alternatives for an improved competitiveness and improve the quality of university education."


The CBNU President Suh Geo-Suk revealed his expectation for a change in the role of KCUE (The Korean Council for University Education) at the 19th KCUE Chairman Inauguration held in the KCUE conference room in Gasan-Dong on April 8th. It is to strengthen an alternative policy feature for improving competitiveness and quality of university education.


At this inauguration, many guests, including Shin Hak-Yong from Ministry of Culture, Senator Kim Yoon-Duk, Senator Kim Se-Yun, the blue house secretary Kim Je-Chun, Park Baek-Bum from Ministry of Education, presidents from 201 national universities and people from various educational institutes, were invited to celebrate the inauguration of the new chairman.


Chairman Suh said with an emphasis in his inaugural speech, "I understand the gravity of my role as I take over this position in the critical period of higher-education change, and of reevaluating its direction. KCUE must return to its founding purpose and caring and developing an appropriate policy for universities.


He continues, "We are surely in the era of crisis, but this also means an opportunity to improve our competitiveness. I will do my best to construct a foundation for Korean universities to develop and improve our competitiveness."


To keep his words, he promised, "I will develop a deeper connection with Korean government for better financial availability and continue to look for a better way to reduce the tuition burden for our students by enhancing the current scholarship system. I will also do my best to readjust college entrance policies, which are numbered about 3,000, and ease pain of our students and their parents."


He continues, "In order to increase the quality of university education, I will reevaluate the rating system and implement a fair rating system which reflects each university's unique characteristic. I will do my best to increase competitiveness through specialization and balanced development, and to revitalize regional universities.


He finalized his speech saying, "I will augments "chairman on foot" by passionately creating a connecting among university presidents, and between government and Ministry of Education. This will create a platform for our universities to coexist and lead to a better credential of the new future KCUE.


The new Chariman Suh Geo-Suk graduated from CBNU and finished his doctoral at Chuo University, Japan. He worked as a professor at the CBNU Law school from 1982, and he has been serving as the 15th and 16th President of Chonbuk National University from 2006.

He has also served as a president of Deans' Committee of College of Law in National Universities, president of Korea Juvenile Law Association, president of Korea Criminal Law Association, chairman of Korean National University Presidential Association, vice-chairman of Korean Council for University Education and chairman of Educational Branch of Presidential Advisory Council of Education, Science & Technology.



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