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The CLS program introduced Jeonju to the World 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/04/02 14:42:45
The CLS program introduced Jeonju to the World

The CLS program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, that our university has been conducted annually conveys the true picture of Jeonju to foreign countries such as the United States.


Jeonju-si recently received a great deal of attention, because it was introduced in the New York Times as a global touring site by an American student who studied Korean language and culture through our CLS program.


The network between CBNU Office of International Cooperation & Education and Gregory Farvon from Harvard Graduate School of International Policy made Jeonju to be introduced in the New York Times. Gregory who visited our school last year for eight weeks, has been keeping in a close touch with CBNU KLEC.


Meanwhile, a New York Times reporter, Seth Kugel, the son of a Harvard Graduate School of International Policy faculty, wanted to report global tourist destinations in Korea, and was recommended by Gregory who came back received a deep impression from Jeonju in the previous year.


Thus the reporter looked around all the parts of Jeonju from Feb.6th to 8th, and research Kim introduced Jeonju’s fun and taste as a guide.


After a trip to Jeonju, the reporter wrote on the article of Feb. 20th paper "Bean sprouts soup which can solve the hangover at a low price, Bibimbap filled with fresh ingredients, side dishes are replenished constantly "and" paradise for gourmet Korean cuisine, such as a house white rice Ru inn Hanok is possible with friendly service, full of attractions such as the pre-game, which is enshrined has been a promoted knight Lee Taejo hometown of the Joseon Dynasty I have to evaluate the whole province, "said.


"Each year, our college while advancing the CLS program of the U.S. Department of State, Head of International Cooperation Gimuminho has become a window large bonds, which has signed the importance of many students at the University of leading the United States to inform the world last week I said, "and," to experience Korean culture better from the program, welcomed foreign students this year, "and make an effort to go the true news of last week and our college.





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