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Professor Kim Woo Hyun, the Future Leader of Korean Researchers 

국제교류부 (hqiof) 2012/07/17 15:02:10
Professor Kim Woo Hyun, the Future Leader of Korean Researchers


Professor Kim Woo Hyun of the Professional Medical School has qualified to receive funding by the Research Leader Support Program (creative research program) supervised by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and the National Research Foundation of Korea. The Research Leader Support Program (creative research program) is a program that selects and supports creative researchers that will drive the field of national science and technology. Professor Kim’s research on the ‘Calcium Signal Transmission System,’ which is the most basic signal system for maintaining cell functions, has been selected as the best research in Korea. With the selection, MEST will provide up to 800 million won and 7 billion won in 9 years to Professor Kim to conduct the world’s best research on calcium signal transmission systems.

Professor Kim has shed light on the calcium signal transmission system in pancreatic beta-cells, immune cells, heart and kidney cells, and other various cells. It is hoped that Professor Kim will be able to rise as an international leader in the related research field by providing original technology for the development of medicines to cure various human illnesses including diabetes, high blood-pressure, heart disease, hepatic fibrosis, and male infertility, all of which occur as a result of abnormal functioning of the calcium signal transmission system.

In 2007, Professor Kim was selected for the National Research Laboratory. Last year, he was the first person in the world to successfully analyze the protein functions that have critical effects on male sperm movement, identifying the key to solving infertility. For his consistent research achievements, Professor Kim was awarded the ‘Pfizer Medical Research Award’ last year, which is the most prestigious medical award in Korea. He was also awarded the ‘Donghun Biochemistry’ award in 2009.




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