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Veterinarian's State Examination Pass Rate 'No.1 in Korea' 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/02/12 17:40:54
Veterinarian's State Examination Pass Rate 'No.1 in Korea'

CBNU wins No.1 Pass Rate from the recent Veterinarian's State Examination.


CBNU's College of Veterinary Medicine shows 95.7% pass rate in the State Examination (pass 45 out of 47).


CBNU's College of Veterinary Medicine has gotten the highest pass rate among the 10 universities nationwide. The result shows much higher pass rate than the average of 85.7%.


CBNU students have been winning 100% pass rate for the past 6 years since 2005.

Their results were one of the best in nation, and, it reconfirmed CBNU is the leader of Korea's veterinarian education, despite of the increasing number of rejections.


This result was possible due to generous support from the university and efforts for self-improvement from the students.


When became seniors, students form exam-prep study groups and benefit from universitie's employment capability policy, such as self-pratice tests, question bank, and problem approaching via discussion, which became the driving force of the state examination prep. system.


Insik Kim, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, said, "the good results were possible due to a generous support from the university for the benefit of student's education, excellent exam-prep system, and endless efforts from the students. I will do my best to help my students to study in a better environment and became a greater person.






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