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Cultural experience program of foreign students has been started. 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/01/22 14:25:59
Cultural experience program of foreign students has been started.

CBNU invites foreign students through Feeling Korea, Korean Cultural Experience program, in winter vacation.


Winter Feeling Korea program will continue for 2 weeks, first week and second week starting from January 21st to February 1st, from Febuary 13rd to 24th each.


Total 139 foreign students joins CBNU's Korean class and Korean culture experience program including national universities from China, Taiwan, Mongol and Japan such as Hokkaido university, Nagasaki university, and Chiba university.


The first schedule of program in January 21st at Gain-hall, Jinsu-dang has been open with foreign students, volunteers, university staff and Mr. Park Yongjin, Coordinator of program, who especially delivered speech about welcome greeting and introduction.


Mr. Park announced "This time, CBNU and Korean culture have been introduced to foreign students from all over the countries and our sister universities can make sure our further relationship." also "I hope that students can absorb the meaning of variety of Korean culture experiencing events and exchange their experience one another.


Foreign students listen to total 30 hours of Korean classes, in which they study Korean grammar, conversation and understand Korean culture.


Everyday affternoon, participants also have time to experience scenery, woodblock prints, traditional cuisine, folding fan, and traditional manners in Junju Han-ok villige and musiums.


Meanwhile, Feeling Korea Program have been started from Feburary 2002. Since then lots of talented students of word-leading sister universities with CBNU have been visiting in every Summer & Winter vacation.



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