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CBNU initiate Morocco into solar technology 

hqiof (hqiof) 2013/01/22 14:20:56
CBNU initiate Morocco into solar technology

CBNU was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade into official development assistance projects (ODA) for underdeveloped countries. Our national best solar technology will pass on to Morocco.


Accordingly, CBNU receives support from 25 billion won in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In addition, Morocco solar research institute supported and commissioned education Sanhakyeon professionals by 2014 will be dedicated to our college.


This project takes on Renewable Energy in Development Support Center (director of Kim Jong Il) and in silicon solar cell devices advanced development project (head of O Bong Yang ).


The Support Center was established in September 2006 in the renewable energy development has a solar cell module, process, and performance evaluation of equipment, material analysis equipment, including a total of 31 species. Large national businesses, Honam solar test-bed building project ($ 117 billion) in our college was selected to promote the development of new technologies and techniques striving. Such a solid infrastructure based on solar energy research institute. Our university plans to support this project in Morocco.


Scrambling in the field of human resource development in solar silicon solar cells, also from 2010, and advanced devices in the fostering project national project 'Energy business' workforce. Through the Solar manufacturing in the field of basic and applied research activities, and the theory of education, Our university emissions Yearly more than 30 MS and Ph.D., and experts from overseas to take advantage of the intensive training and dispatch training actively underway.


Kim Jong Il, the head of Renewable Energy Development Support Center, said "this project, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to represent the country in the developing world in the process of selection the eligibility agency will be responsible for the research institutes and manpower solar Chonbuk National University's research capabilities and manpower training programs of appreciated yirwojin excellence ". "excellent research and technology, workforce training programs, based on the excellent Solar Institute is being established to Morocco, I will try to be positive," he said.



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