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CBNU, 1st Place in Research Grants among National Universities for 2 Consecutive Years 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/11/06 13:55:19
CBNU, 1st Place in Research Grants among National Universities for 2 Consecutive Years


Chonbuk National University, which boasts one of top research programs in the nation, accumulated the most research grants among national universities in the past year, standing as a testament to the university’s research competitiveness.


According to an article published by the Ministry of Science, Education and Technology(MEST) and Korean Council for University Education(KCUE) on the Higher Education of Korea Information Services website, CBNU placed 1st in the categories of “total amount of research funds granted” and “research funds granted per faculty member.” This is the second consecutive year that our university has achieved this remarkable feat.


With regards to the total amount of research funds granted, CBNU accumulated 124.4 billion won, 1st among national universities with the exception of Seoul National University. CBNU was able to garner 10 to 20 million won more in research funds than other regional core universities that have 200 more faculty members than our university.


Additionally, the average amount of research funds granted per faculty member for CBNU was revealed to be 121.5 million won, 1st among regional core national universities. The only national universities that were awarded more than 100 million won in research grants were Mokpo National University and Chonbuk National University.


 The total amount of research funds granted and the research funds granted per faculty member are among the highest in the country. This is highly attributable to the university’s thriving research environment. CBNU accumulated 35.9 million won in 2007, 43.6 million won in 2008, 98.8 million won in 2009, 117.5 million won in 2010, 124.4 million won in 2011. The amount of research funds granted has increased threefold in the last 5 years.


Our university placed 5th nationally in the Leiden Rankings, which measures the scientific impact of universities worldwide by comparing the top tenth percentile of the most cited research papers in the world, and 9th nationally in the “number of top 1% research papers,” living up to the name of one of the most competitive research universities in Korea.


 One of the primary reasons behind the university’s recent accolades in research lies within the newly implemented promotion system, which doubles incentives for publications and research achievements and provides systematic support for research work.


Since 2007, CBNU has been organizing diverse programs that promote academic research and implementing professor evaluation systems that ensure a standard of high-quality research.


In relation to this accomplishment, President Geo-Suk Suh said, “Since research competitiveness is the driving force behind a university’s development and progress, it is equally important to establish an active support system that allows faculty members to be successful in their research endeavors. We will continue to give our utmost effort to conduct research that changes the world.”



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