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5th Place in Leiden Rankings Confirms CBNU’s Research Prowess 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/10/12 11:28:31
5th Place in Leiden Rankings Confirms CBNU’s Research Prowess


Our university’s research reputation has been reaffirmed as one of the nation’s best.


Chonbuk National University placed 5th nationally and 1st among regional core universities in the Leiden Rankings, which gauges the scientific performance of universities worldwide. 


The Leiden Rankings is a ranking system developed and published by Leiden University(Ranked 75th in the 2012 QS World University Rankings) from the Netherlands that measures the scientific impact of universities by comparing the top tenth percentile of the most cited university research papers in the world. This methodology adds a layer of objectivity and eliminates some of the inconsistencies found in ranking systems used for evaluating universities in Korea. 


The Leiden Rankings and QS Rankings(40% of which is based on academic peer review) prioritize objectivity and address some of the disadvantages of current ranking systems that provide a subjective evaluation of Korean universities. Our standing in the Leiden Rankings therefore demonstrates the quality of research papers being published from our university. 


According to the Leiden Rankings, 8.1% of CBNU’s research papers were in the top tenth percentile of the most cited research papers in the world. The four Korean universities that placed ahead of CBNU were POSTECH(14.1%), KAIST(11.4%), Seoul National University(8.9%), and Ewha Women’s University(8.4%). 


CBNU confirmed its reputation as one of the most respected research universities in Korea by placing 1st among regional core universities and prevailing as the frontrunner by a large margin in this category, with other universities only managing to achieve 5 to 6 percent. 


Meanwhile, influential newspaper publications have ranked CBNU 9th in the category of the “Top 1% Research Papers” and the Korea Research Foundation ranked our university 2nd among national universities in the same category. CBNU is repeatedly overcoming the limitations that come with being a regional university and ascertaining its status as a landmark university in Korea.


Our university was able to publish high-quality research papers by implementing a faculty evaluation system that emphasizes the importance of quality rather than the quantity of papers. While other universities focused on increasing the number of published papers, CBNU started employing new policies and promotion incentive programs that compensated research professors for publishing research papers in the top tenth percentile of the most cited research papers.    


In relation to the published rankings, President Suh said, “While it is true that universities in Korea have increased the quantity of research papers published worldwide, we still have room for improvement with regards to the quality of research papers. One world-class research paper can change the world and it is with this mindset that Chonbuk National University will continue to bolster its research programs and research competitiveness.


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