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CBNU 1st Among National Universities in International Orientation 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/07/15 16:12:37
CBNU 1st Among National Universities in International Orientation


Chonbuk National University has placed atop all Korean national universities in the category of “international orientation.”


In cooperation with Quacquarelli Symonds, Chosun Ilbo published university rankings in Asia and while the majority of national universities have remained stagnant or even fallen, CBNU’s rise in the category of international orientation has stood out from its peer universities.  


The international orientation criteria gauges the amount of exchange students sent abroad and hosted by the university, as well as the percentage of international students and faculty members. 


Even with the limitations imposed on national universities with regards to bringing in international scholars and professors, by emphasizing and prioritizing the globalization of our students and faculty, CBNU has been able to achieve an amazing feat.


Every semester, our university has sent approximately 600 students to sister universities in New Zealand, the Philippines, China and various other countries through the nation’s largest Global Leader Project(GLP) program. In addition, CBNU has made exchange agreements with some of the most prestigious universities located in the United States and Europe to host and send students abroad. Expand the number of international students over 1,000 students are working towards a degree here at CBNU.


Our international students have also proven to be the most distinguished students after focusing efforts on admitting the most capable students. An impressive 23.3 percent of our students have obtained Level 4 or higher in the national Korean language proficiency exam, TOPIK. This percentage ranks in the top 10 percentile among regional core universities.  


To boost our international profile even more, CBNU inaugurated the International Summer School program during the summer break, offering students from around the world a wide variety of courses and the opportunity to experience Korean culture in the city of Jeonju. 


President Geo-Suk Suh said, “Despite the numerous restrictions given to national universities relative to private universities, our efforts in expanding our international orientation have finally shown merit today. We will continue to recruit international professors and students, and cooperate with universities from abroad to maintain our reputation as the most Korean, globally prestigious university.




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