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CBNU Technology Licensing Program Supported by Ministry of Education Receives Upgrade 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/06/11 10:28:51
CBNU Technology Licensing Program Supported by Ministry of Education Receives Upgrade


Chonbuk National University’s Technology Licensing Office(TLO) Support Program was upgraded one letter-grade in year-end evaluations for 2011. 


The program, which is backed by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology(MEST) and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy(MKE), aims to promote and augment the licensing and transfer of technology between university and industry. 

Having been selected as a participating university in the Phase 1 (2008~2012) Support Program, the National Research Foundation of Korea 2011 gave CBNU a “B” letter grade for the 2011 Year-end University TLO Evaluations. It is clear that CBNU is one of the leading universities in technology licensing.


As a result, CBNU received nearly 200 million won in financial support aimed at facilitating the discovery and commercialization of advanced technologies. Due to the rewarding endeavors of the program, CBNU plans to adopt policies that inject more resources into prototyping and technology licensing. 


Our university recorded approximately 1 billion won in revenues last year generated from patents and proprietary technologies. In addition, the CBNU TLO program received praise for incrementing the revenue per patent by 158% in a 3-year span since 2008. 


University-industry cooperation Director Nam-Pyo Cho said, “The reason why our university received high marks from the TLO Support Program was because of the effort we put in and results we generated. We aim to promote and market emerging technologies and expect that the profit accrued from our endeavors will have a big impact on the university.“



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