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Film Produced by University of Paris Est Marne La Valleé Screened at the JIFF 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/05/23 14:52:49
Film Produced by University of Paris Est Marne La Valleé Screened at the JIFF


Engaging in active exchange with overseas universities not only helps each university grow, it also causes a synergy effect by expanding the spectrum of exchange between two countries. CBNU’s collaboration with University of Paris Est Marne La Vallee(MLV), with which our university has associated since 2007, epitomizes this point of view.


While the two universities has maintained a healthy level of exchange across various platforms, the exchange has been particularly active with students pursuing academic concentrations in visual arts production, allowing them to gain diverse experiences and perspectives while receiving instruction in visual arts theory and practice.


The close cooperation has allowed a full-length documentary produced by MLV professor Claire Alby and her students, who visited Jeonju in 2010, to receive its official debut screening at the Jeonju International Film Festival(JIFF) on May 2nd


In 2009, a movie produced by CBNU students was showcased at the world-renowned Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The following year, Professor Claire Alby and her students visited CBNU to create a movie that was featured in this year’s JIFF; this is a prime example of yielding tangible results from multiple year’s worth of active academic exchange.


This 52-minute full-length film entitled “Jeonju, a Korean Town” captures the city of Jeonju from the perspective of Prof. Alby. The documentary depicts Jeonju as a dynamic city that tries to preserve Korean tradition while striving to become Asia’s equivalent of Hollywood. The content of the film is divided into three topics – the JIFF, the history of resistance against Japanese occupation, and the daily lives of women in Korea. The film ultimately conveys to the world the distinct beauty Jeonju possesses. 


Additionally, on April 26th, MLV President Francis Godard was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by CBNU for his endeavors in spreading Korean culture and developing a collaborative relationship with CBNU. His contributions are expected to have a big impact in future exchange activity between Korea and France.




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