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President Godard from University of Paris Est Marné La Vallée awarded Honorary Doctorate 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/05/09 15:15:54
President Godard from University of Paris Est Marné La Vallée awarded Honorary Doctorate


Chonbuk National University awarded an honorary doctorate degree in sociology to President Godard from University of Paris-Est Marné La Vallée(MLV) on April 26th.


Nearly 100 attendees, which included CBNU President Geo-Suk Suh, administration staff from CBNU, and members of MLV, were at hand to congratulate President Godard on his honorary doctorate degree.


Our university presented President Godard with the honorary doctorate degree because of his scholarly accomplishments in urban planning research and education, and for standing in the forefront of academic and cultural exchange between Korea and France.


Since President Godard became President in 2007, MLV and CBNU have signed cooperation agreements and have been actively engaged in various forms of exchange such as student exchange and joint research programs.

The close ties between the two universities have opened the door for CBNU students majoring in French Studies, Information Technology and Arts to become global leaders in their discipline through the student exchange programs.


A few CBNU students even had the opportunity to showcase a film they had produced at the world-renowned Louvre Museum in 2009 and received a standing ovation from the audience.


On the other hand, MLV Professor Claire Alby’s full-length documentary film, which was based on the diverse experiences MLV students had during their stay in Jeonju in 2010, was presented at this year’s 13th Jeonju International Film Festival through YouTube. It was a great opportunity to show the world CBNU’s academic excellence and Korea’s natural beauty.


President Godard’s honorary doctorate awarding ceremony marks the beginning of CBNU’s plan to expand the level of exchange and collaboration with numerous universities and institutions throughout Europe. The dynamic cooperation is expected to have a profound impact in the spread of Korean culture throughout the world.


During his acceptance speech, President Godard said, “It is an honor to receive this degree from Chonbuk National University, one of Korea’s most prominent universities with which our university maintains an active level of exchange and collaboration. I will take this as an opportunity to expand our spectrum of collaboration and help in any which way I can to propel Chonbuk National University as a globally prestigious university.


President Suh echoed the sentiment. He said, “This degree is a tribute to a leader in French higher education who has helped globalize our university and spread Korean culture throughout the world. Now that you are a proud member of Chonbuk National University, I hope you can help our university go beyond national borders to become a truly globally renowned university.”


President Godard received his doctorate degree in sociology from University of Paris VIII in 1973. While employed as a researcher at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and as a Professor at University of Nice, Godard’s study in urban development and urban sociology research has made a mark in the fields of sociology, economics, political science, and other social sciences.


After moving to MLV in 2001, Godard was elected President in 2007. As a Knight of the National Order of Merit and Officer of the Order of the Academic Palms, Godard is truly a leading figure in French higher education.



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