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CBNU Extends Global Network to Prominent Southeast Asian Universities 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/04/17 09:31:08
CBNU Extends Global Network to Prominent Southeast Asian Universities


Our university elevated its status as an elite global university by signing academic exchange agreements with some of the most esteemed universities from Southeast Asia.


In his recent trip to Southeast, President Geo-Suk Suh visited Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia from March 19th to 27th to establish agreements on academic exchange and international double degree programs.


The first stop of the trip was Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University(CU), a Global Top 100 University, where President Suh agreed to implement student exchange programs with CU President Pirom Kamol-ratanakul.


Both universities agreed to coordinate international double degree programs and exchange students in the process, while CU vowed to send students to participate in the CBNU International Summer School program.


Following his stay in Thailand, President Suh signed agreements to implement international double degree programs with prominent universities from Cambodia and the Philippines, opening the door for students to study abroad and earn a degree from both CBNU and institutions located abroad.


CBNU will organize international double degree programs in Biology and Computer Engineering starting in September with Cambodia’s first and largest university, the Royal University of Phnom Penh. There will also be double degree programs centered around engineering disciplines in cooperation wit St. La Salle University(SLU), one of the universities which CBNU sends students every year through the Global Leader Project(GLP) program.


In addition, CBNU and SLU will organize cooperative research projects, professor exchange programs, and student mentor-mentee systems. SLU also agreed to send students to participate in the International Summer School program.


On March 25th, President Suh was even presented with an honorary doctorate by SLU President Raymundo Suplido during the 55th anniversary graduation ceremony.


Having already established a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of the Philippines(UP) Diliman in 2001, our university also took the opportunity to coordinate international double degree programs, student exchange programs and cooperative research projects with UP-Manila.


Meanwhile, CBNU agreed to dispatch a Korean lecturer to UP-Manila to provide Korean language instruction.


President Suh also had the opportunity to visit the Korean Ambassador to Thailand, Jae Hong Lim, and the Korean Ambassador to Cambodia, Han Soo Kim, to promote global internships for CBNU students wishing to expand their professional and educational horizons beyond domestic boundaries.


President Geo-Suk Suh said, “The multitude of agreements we have signed with Southeast Asia’s foremost universities will provide students with valuable educational opportunities to attain a global mind. By coordinating practical and diverse programs like the international double degree program, we are taking one further step towards creating a truly global campus.”



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