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CBNU Founds Honam Region’s First Records Management and Archives Institute 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/02/06 09:52:11
CBNU Founds Honam Region’s First Records Management and Archives Institute


CBNU is now becoming the epicenter for developing professionals in the field of records management.


Under the support and supervision of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and National Archives of Korea(NAK), our university has founded the Honam Region’s first Records Management and Archives Institute.


After the passing of “Act on the Management of Archives by Public Institutions” in 1999 and the “Act on the Management of Public Archives” in 2007, the field of records management has been growing steadily in Korea. Recently the need for maintaining records has been more prevalent in corporations, hospitals, cultural institutions, religious institutions and other organizations beyond public administrations. 


Moreover, the ICA(International Council on Archives) International Congress will take place in Korea in 2016. With the global spotlight on Korea from the archival studies community, it is particularly meaningful to recognize the importance of records managements throughout the country.


The NAK selected one university each from the Seoul, Chungcheong, Honam and Yeongnam regions among universities with graduate departments in records management. In the Honam region, CBNU beat out seven other universities to earn the honor.


As a result, our university will admit 30 students every year to the Records Management and Archives Institute, where they will receive a comprehensive education in records management. The list of courses includes basics and principles of records management, records evaluation, records preservation, and specialized areas of records management.


Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to take the Professional Records Manager Certification Exam and once certified, they will be able to work at state administrations local government organizations, educations offices and other public administrations as an archivist or a private records manager.


Our university was selected as a location site for the Honam Records Management and Archives Institute in large part because, since 2003, our Information Science Graduate School has been developing consummate professional in records management who have gone to lead successful careers in public administrations, private sectors and research institutes. 


Library and Information Science Professor Hye Young Kang said, “The founding of the Records Management and Archives Institute will be the catalyst that makes CBNU the leading institution in records management in Korea. I also firmly believe that the synergy with our records management graduate department will boost employment rates for our students.“




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