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Catalan-Korea Dictionary Compilation Presented to the Catalonian Parliament in Spain 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/01/24 11:21:16
Catalan-Korea Dictionary Compilation Presented to the Catalonian Parliament in Spain


Spanish and Latin American Language department Professor Nak-won Choi presented a Catalan-Korean Dictionary personally compiled by Prof. Choi to the Catalonian Parliament, bridging an opportunity to increase awareness of Korea and to establish academic exchange between both countries.


Catalan is the official language used in the Catalonia region in Spain and is one of the most prevalent languages of the 60 recognized minority languages in the European Union. While Catalan and Spanish(more specifically, Castilian) are used interchangeably in the Catalonia region, most of the names of locations and businesses are in Catalan, making the understanding of this language all the more important for travelers and visitors.


In December of last year, Prof. Choi visited the Catalonia Parliament and presented the dictionary to Chairman Núria de Gispert with faculty members of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and students from the Korean Language Studies Department at the Barcelona Language School.


This dictionary is the accumulation of five years’ worth of lexicographic compilation with the support of the CBNU International Joint Research Fund, the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Catalonian Government. The dictionary was compiled to increase the level of exchange with the Catalonia region, an area that plays a crucial in Korea-Spain relations. Ultimately, this it is expected to increase the amount of academic exchange between Korea and Spain.


Prof. Choi said, “Korea is still not a very well-known country in Spain, but I think the compilation and presentation of this dictionary will spark the interest of the people in Catalonia, which is the epicenter of commerce in Spain. The Catalan people possess an exceptional amount of pride and attachment to the Catalan language, and I think they will be pleased to know that this dictionary is being published in Korea.”


He continued, “Recently the spread of K-POP and Korean culture has instigated a boom in the interest to learn the Korean language in Spain, and I have no doubt this dictionary will be very useful. Moreover, I hope this dictionary will help increase the awareness of Korean culture throughout Spain.”




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