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Recent Trip Paves Path to Cooperation with Prestigious European Universities 

hqiof (hqiof) 2012/01/09 10:20:34
Recent Trip Paves Path to Cooperation with Prestigious European Universities


Our university has expanded cooperation endeavors with some of the most prominent universities in Europe in an effort to elevate its status as a global university.


President Geo-Suk Suh visited leading universities in France, Spain and the Czech Republic to sign academic exchange agreements last week.

The first stop on this trip was University of Paris-Est Marne La Vallee (part of an intercollegiate network of 10 universities in Paris), where both universities agreed to engage in double degree programs and student exchange for undergraduate business majors.


Famous for its engineering and liberal arts programs, University of Marne La Vallee is one of France’s most prestigious universities and CBNU has collaborated with the university in student exchange programs.




This recent agreement will allow students to receive degrees from both CBNU and UMLV through the double degree program.


The agreement will also bring 20 students from UMLV’s most competitive MBA curriculum, Design, Innovation and Luxury, to CBNU next April, where they will be able to attend courses pertaining to their academic concentration and participate in specialized excursions.


President Suh also visited the acclaimed Autonomous University of Barcelona (AUB) to make cooperative agreements concerning the Ortelius Project.  

AUB has a student body of 43,000, 3,658 professors, 13 colleges, 57 departments, and 28 research centers and parks. As one of the nation’s landmark universities, AUB was recognized in Spain as a Campus of International Excellence.


Spurred by the success of the Erasmus program, which established an international network for academic exchange, the Ortelius program facilitates collaborative programs between Spain, Asia and Latin America. The objective is to increase international mobility among students, teaching and research staff, and administration and services staff. Students from universities that participate in the program can take advantage of the joint degrees and double degrees the program offers.



The trip to Barcelona was followed by a visit to the Czech Technical University in Prague. President Suh signed agreements on the invitation of distinguished graduate school students and student exchange programs that will begin in the 2012 school year.


President Suh also took the opportunity to garner support for the “CBNU International Summer School” at all the universities visited during this trip. The participation of renowned professors and exceptional students is expected to increase the global makeup of our university.


President Suh said, The recent trip to Europe allowed us to open the door to international cooperation with European universities by establishing exchange agreements for students and faculty members. The double degree programs we have established offer a unique and pragmatic platform for academic exchange and brings our university closer to living up to the name of a ‘global campus.’”



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