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HAPPY-NEW-YEAR Festival for International Families at CBNU 

2005/02/01 11:47:20
Seolnal (Korean new year's day), is one of the most important holidays

which is on the 1st day of January by the Lunar Calendar. In Seolnal,

we see the old year out, welcome the new year with full of hopes and

wishes and pay visits of respects to seniors of family. In addition,

of course, there are family gathering and much hearty eating.

So our university will hold an event for our international family

members. This Festival is full of fantastic and colorful events.

1. Date : February 4, 2005(Friday)

2. Time : 5pm-7pm(2hours)

3. Place : Nok ji won

4. Participants
International students, professors, researchers and their family members in our school

5. Schedule
Part 1
17:00 - The opening ceremony
- Speechs from Director of International Affairs Office
- The president's greeting
Part 2
17:30 - Daegeum (Korean traidtional instrument) perfomance (Dae So ri)
- Korean Traditional Dance(Department of Korean dance)
- Dancing Club(Na Rae Jit)  
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