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Oncotherapy Antibody Analysis Research by the Nuclear Medicine Research Team 

국제교류부 (hqiof) 2012/04/05 14:52:39
Oncotherapy Antibody Analysis Research by the Nuclear Medicine Research Team

The research team consisting of Prof. Hwang-Jeong Jeong, Prof. Chang-Moon Lee, graduate student Su Jin Jeong (doctoral course) and others from the Nuclear Medicine Research Team of CBNU’s Graduate School of Medicine (head professor Myeong-Hee Sohn), is garnering attention from symposiums and conferences in Korea and from abroad for their noteworthy research results.

In the 4th International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy held in Ho Chi Minh City from November 28th to December 2nd the nuclear medicine research team announced their research paper titled the ‘Effect of Molecular Imaging on Evaluation of the Therapeutic Efficacy of VEGFR2 Blocking Antibody in a Sodium-Iodide Symporter Gene Expressed Tumor Model’ and was awarded the best academic research award.

The research evaluated the efficacy of antibodies used for treating anti-angiogenic tumors that hinder the formation of new blood vessels through molecular imaging, and proposes the importance of molecular imaging technology in developing new medicine. The team intravenously injected the newly developed antibody into animal models that had breast cancer cells inserted with NIS (sodium-iodide symporter) gene to confirm and evaluate the efficacy of tumor treatment through molecular imaging technology.

Through the research, the team proposed a way to effectively reduce time and cost in developing new medicines by quantifying the medicinal effect, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics of candidate materials for new medicines. In particular, the research is being recognized as world class research, having been published twice in world class journals (SCI Journals) recently, with the results of the research being held in great anticipation.

There were 380 participants from 56 nations at the conference, with lectures and research paper announcements from distinguished researchers in 12 different fields, including nuclear medicine, nuclear physics, radiation chemistry, oncology, etc.



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